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Prologue Week 1

Chapters combine quests with an evolving story, along with a series of rewards, such as exclusive Cosmetics or Gold.png Gold.

Chapter rewards unlock by earning Reputation, which is done by either completing matches or Honor Quests.

As the story progresses and the lore expands each week, new Honor Quests will be made available.

Chapters (with the exception of Prologue) will last 12 weeks, and will be interwoven with the more traditional patches.

Starting from Chapter 1, chapters will feature twice as many quests, levels and rewards, as well as a Chapter Pass.

Chapter Passes grant access to three additional quests, rewards and a boost to reputation earned (retroactively). They may be purchased for Gold.png 1000 Gold.

Prologue: The Gathering Storm[edit | edit source]


Prologue Rewards

Level Reputation Reward
2 7.000 Huntsman Icon.png Huntsman
Uncommon Outfit
3 8.000 Gold.png 50
4 7.000 Beckon Icon.png Beckon
Uncommon Emote
5 6.500 Title Icon.png Vowbreaker Neophyte
Uncommon Title
6 7.500 Vault Breaker Badge Icon.png Vault Breaker
Uncommon Badge
7 7.000 Finesse Icon.png Finesse
Uncommon Outfit
8 7.000 Gold.png 50
9 7.500 Jade Spiral Icon.png Jade Spiral
Uncommon Cloudburst
10 7.500 Noble Rage Icon.png Noble Rage
Rare Afterglow
11 7.000 Title Icon.png Vowbreaker Acolyte
Rare Title
12 7.000 That's It! Icon.png That's It!
Rare Emote
13 7.000 Gold.png 50
14 7.500 Toxic Rage Icon.png Toxic Rage
Uncommon Afterglow
15 7.500 Duelist Icon.png Duelist
Rare Outfit
16 7.000 Gold.png 50
17 7.000 Title Icon.png Vowbreaker Adept
Epic Title
18 7.000 Gauntlet Prodigy Badge Icon.png Gauntlet Prodigy
Uncommon Badge
19 7.000 Gold.png 50
20 7.000 Duskglow Icon.png Duskglow
Rare Outfit
21 8.000 Eventide Lift Icon.png Eventide Lift
Rare Afterglow
22 7.000 Forebear's Foresight Card Icon.png Forebear's Foresight
Epic Card
23 7.000 Seaglass Flare Icon.png Seaglass Flare
Rare Cloudburst
24 7.000 Gold.png 50
25 10.000 Longwatch Sentinel Icon.png Longwatch Sentinel
Epic Outfit

Quests[edit | edit source]

Honor Quests
Week Name Objective Reward
1 Hot to Trot Deal 100 Damage with Flamewall. 7.500 Reputation
Blaze of Glory Use Pyromancer Level2.png Firefly Skill 15 times 5.000 Reputation
Dragonfire Deal damage with Toxic and Fire Combined 2.500 Reputation
2 Raging Storm Disrupt 5 Enemies While You're in the Air 7.500 Reputation
Shifting Winds Use Tempest Level2.png Updraft Skill 15 times 5.000 Reputation
Fire Whirl Deal Damage with Wind and Fire Combined 2.500 Reputation
3 Now You See Me Use Toxicologist Level2.png Vanishing Mist 15 Times 7.500 Reputation
Shadow Strike Deal 400 Toxic Damage While Invisible 5.000 Reputation
Noxious Tornado Deal damage with Toxic and Wind Combined 2.500 Reputation
4 Earthen Defense Regenerate 500 Armor with Stoneshaper Level1.png Stoneskin 7.500 Reputation
Rock and Roll Strike 5 Enemies with Boulderfall 5.000 Reputation
Molten Earth Deal Damage with Earth and Fire Combined 2.500 Reputation
5 Frostbite Freeze 10 Players with Flash Freeze 7.500 Reputation
Glossy Glide Frostborn Level1.png Ice Skate for 20 Seconds 5.000 Reputation
Corrosive Chill Create 3 Frozen Toxic Clouds 2.500 Reputation
6 Overcharge Gain 15 Rune Charges with Conduit Level2.png Overload 7.500 Reputation
Shocking Turnabout Deal 200 Damage with Lightning Strike 5.000 Reputation
Thunderstorm Stun Enemies with Lightning and Wind Combined 2.500 Reputation
Daily Quests
Objective Reward
? ?
? ?
? ?

Story[edit | edit source]

Week 1: Fire Rages[edit | edit source]

Avira Emberdane: The Spellstorm that rages in the Hollow Lands has made refugees of far too many. Halcyon, Banehelm, Dustpool, Bogmore, four kingdoms lost to us. And while Longwatch has taken in many, its resources grow thin. If we're to return our homelands to their former glory, we must stop the Spellstorm.

And so we turn to the aid of Breakers such as yourself. Experts in magic who can navigate the dangers of the Hollow Lands, who can hold their own against enemy Breakers and Vowguard soldiers. But first, you must master the many gauntlets at your disposal. I can think of no better place to start than the versatile Fire Gauntlet.

What element is so beloved, so feared, as the power o fire? We could not live without its warmth and light. Yet how many lives have been taken by its callous flames? Burned away to ash. One must master the flame or be consumed by it.

The path of the Pyromancer is a tricky one. Fire is not easily tamed. But those who learn to control this element, to bend with its flame rather than against it, are the masters of untold power. Let's see how you fare against the flames.

Week 2: Mighty Winds[edit | edit source]

Avira Emberdane: Only a fool ignores the wind - a common saying in the Highlands. One moment a gentle breeze, the next a raging gale. Trees lifted from their roots, entire homes destroyed, lives lost to its terrible might. Only a fool ignores the wind, it’s true. And they’re likely to pay for that mistake.

Tempests can be as gentle as the breeze or as fierce as a summer squall. Just as the wind is able to upturn roots and destroy homes, so too can the masters of this element. Respect the wind and you’ll gain the strength of the storm.

Week 3: Terrible Toxins[edit | edit source]

Avira Emberdane: Elixir of assassins. Drink of the damned. Toxins, bitter and cruel. It has slain kings and toppled empires. Whether coated on the edge of a blade or given gaseous form, it is just as deadly. This poisoned brew that kills without discrimination.

Toxicologists have a sordid reputation, but we'd be lost without them. Not every enemy can be defeated by strength alone. And though the use of life-sapping toxins may seem underhanded, the end goal of victory certainly justifies such means.

Week 4: Stone's Might[edit | edit source]

Avira Emberdane: Our walls are built upon the stones of the past. They keep us safe, protecting us from bandits and invaders, from storms and frost. But they also lock us in. We are imprisoned within them, unable to break free. For good or ill, there are few who can defy stone’s might.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more reliable ally than a Stoneshaper. It takes a steady hand to conquer stone, and a strength of will besides. And there are few who can stand against a Stoneshaper's might once they decide to strike. Do you have what it takes to join their ranks?

Week 5: Frost's Bite[edit | edit source]

Avira Emberdane: For the people of the Highlands, the year is but preparation for winter’s might. The icy winds that cut through your flesh like the edge of a knife. The freezing air that saps the life from your bones. We must prepare for winter, for to ignore it means death.

Frostborn mages can be as ruthless and deadly as winter’s bite. For the truly skilled, it only takes one well placed shot for their enemies to fall. But before you can master this element, you must first learn to take careful aim.

Week 6: Lightning Strikes[edit | edit source]

Avira Emberdane: The thunderstorms of the Highlands are well known for their ferocity. Heavy rains that linger for days. Clashing thunder that strikes fear into our hearts. Lightning which pierces the earth, deadlier than an assassin’s blade.

Lightning can strike twice, if you have the discipline to control it. Conduits wield the power to blast through their enemies with streams of electricity, shocking them into submission. But such a chaotic element takes keen instincts to control it.

Chapter 1: The Spellstorm[edit | edit source]

Coming soon on December 15th

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