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Frostborn[edit | edit source]

Recommended Talents
Focused Mana Foresight Thirsty
Focused Mana.png
Recommended Gauntlets
Stone Toxic Fire
Stone Gauntlet.png
Toxic Gauntlet.png
Fire Gauntlet.png
Recommended Runes
Flight Shadowstep Featherfall
Flight Rune.png
Shadowstep Rune.png
Featherfall Rune.png

Playing As Frostborn

  • Frostborn Level1.png Frozen Alacrity grants you high mobility, especially when traveling long distances.
    • This is very convenient for aiding your squad in reaching Mana Vault New.png Mana Vaults before your opponents.
  • Remember to make use of Frostborn Level2.png Icicle to scout an area for nearby players, or to regain vision if you lose track of someone.
    • To this end, its vast range enables you to gather intel on remote fights from a safe distance.
  • Flash Freeze can quickly turn the tide of battle by blocking potent projectiles or Freezing opponents for a free shot.
    • Practicing the timing of this sorcery is key to success, particularly when it comes to Frostborn Level3.png Tundra's short immunity.

Playing Against Frostborn

  • The Ice Lance spell has the highest mana cost in the game. This severely hinders their damage output in the early game.
  • Frostborns are considerably vulnerable at close range, since they can't charge-up Ice Lance fully without becoming an easy target.
  • Ice Puddles are susceptible to many detrimental Elemental Interactions, such as shattering them into Ice Mist.
    • Unlike other classes, Frostborn's mobility in heated combat is very limited. Keep up the pressure once you close the distance.
    • Be on the lookout for the puddles in the distance, as they can be spotted from afar, giving away their location.
  • Remember that Flash Freeze doesn't block projectiles from above or below. Levitate overhead to sneak a shot in.
    • Alternatively, utilize Harmony.png Harmony's freeze immunity to disregard their sorcery entirely, putting them on the backfoot.

Conduit[edit | edit source]

Recommended Talents
Focused Mana Fortitude Ambidextrous
Focused Mana.png
Recommended Gauntlets
Fire Wind Toxic
Fire Gauntlet.png
Wind Gauntlet.png
Toxic Gauntlet.png
Recommended Runes
Teleport Chronomaster Shadowstep
Teleport Rune.png
Chronomaster Rune.png
Shadowstep Rune.png

Playing As Conduit

  • Lightning Bolts are very fast projectiles, excellent for both long range poke as well as chasing opponents down.
    • In addition, they are a hefty counter to airborne opponents who are less mobile and thus easier to track.
  • Capitalize on your long range by climbing up high towers, mountains and the like.
  • While you can't cast Spells during Lightning Strike's cast animation, you can still use your rune charges.
  • Activate Conduit Level2.png Overload often, even outside of combat, to ensure that you always have an extra rune charge at the ready.
  • Conduit Level4.png Secondary Strikes allows you to more easily cut off choke points for exceptional zone control.

Playing Against Conduit

  • While Conduits have great sustained damage, they lack burst.
    • Use this to your advantage by taking quick trades and breaking line of sight.
  • Their mobility is limited while firing bolts, making them an easy target for most sorceries.
  • Applying pressure and forcing them to use a rune charge, will reset Conduit Level1.png Potential Energy's damage boost.
  • Conduits struggle to track opponents in close quarters combat, so close the distance whenever possible.

Pyromancer[edit | edit source]

Recommended Talents
Tracking Fervor Escapist
Recommended Gauntlets
Toxic Stone Lightning
Toxic Gauntlet.png
Stone Gauntlet.png
Lightning Gauntlet.png
Recommended Runes
Dash Featherfall Springstep
Dash Rune.png
Featherfall Rune.png
Springstep Rune.png

Playing As Pyromancer

  • Pyromancers have a phenomenal early game due to Fireball's high base damage + Ignite from Pyromancer Level1.png Combust.
    • The tick damage numbers from Ignite can also serve as a way of tracking opponents.
  • When paired with the Toxic Gauntlet, you can ignite Toxic Clouds into deadly Dragonfire explosions.
  • The Flamewall has lots of uses, including zoning, cutting off areas, blocking certain spells and finishing off opponents.
  • When fighting Frostborns & Toxicologists, take cover behind your Flamewall as their spells cannot pass through it.
  • Try to stay on high ground as much as possible, and use Pyromancer Level2.png Firefly if necessary. It makes hitting your Fireballs much easier.
    • Furthermore, if you miss your Fireball from this angle, it has a chance to deal AoE damage when it hits the ground.

Playing Against Pyromancer

  • Due to Fireballs' slow projectile speed, they become vastly easier to dodge at longer ranges.
    • For the same reason, Pyromancers also struggle with hitting airborne targets.
  • Be wary of their many AoE options such as Pyromancer Level1.png Combust. All of them are ground based, so you can escape to the air for safety.
    • If you're a Stoneshaper, you can instead use their fires against them by firing a Shockwave through it, leaving a Fire Trail.
  • While you should generally avoid fighting Pyromancers up close, their Fireball & Toxic Cloud explosions can inflict self-damage.
    • The Toxic Cloud explosion will also rid of all fires, including their Flamewall, enabling you to pass through it.
  • Many Sorceries can block Fireballs, Tornadoes and Wind Shears can even deflect them! See Elemental Interactions.

Toxicologist[edit | edit source]

Recommended Talents
Runic Fluency Scavenging Recovery
Runic Fluency.png
Recommended Gauntlets
Fire Wind Frost
Fire Gauntlet.png
Wind Gauntlet.png
Frost Gauntlet.png
Recommended Runes
Shadowstep Invisibility Dash
Shadowstep Rune.png
Invisibility Rune.png
Dash Rune.png

Playing As Toxicologist

  • Use Toxic Spray's Corrosion to slowly chip away at an opponent's remove armor before going in for the kill.
  • Toxicologist Level2.png Vanishing Mists offers exceptional mobility in combat, use it to close the gap and ambush your opponents.
  • Utilizing Invisibility from runes, you can trigger Toxicologist Level3.png Outbreak multiple times for immense burst.
  • Igniting Toxic Clouds into deadly Dragonfire is a great way to finish off an opponent, especially with Toxicologist Level4.png Spreading Sickness.
    • However, use this combo with caution, as you lose your mobility option from Toxicologist Level2.png Vanishing Mists.
  • Initiate fights in tight corridors where it is harder for opponents to avoid your burst.
    • Toxic Puddles and Clouds prove to be tremendously difficult to deal with in these spaces as well.

Playing Against Toxicologist

  • Place down the Flamewall as cover if you get ambushed, as Toxic Spray shots cannot pass through it.
  • Blow up Toxic Clouds with fire to deny their mobility from Toxicologist Level2.png Vanishing Mists and burst from Toxicologist Level3.png Outbreak.
  • Tracking.png Tracking or damage over time effects will reveal their position while they're Invisible.
    • To this end, breaking their Invisibility through AoEs from sorceries can also prove to be a viable strategy.
  • Whilst Toxicologists' burst is lethal, it requires them to be at close range. Keep at a distance through wise rune usage.
  • Wind Shears' unique ability to create Toxic Mist is a potent counter to Toxicologists that aren't careful.

Stoneshaper[edit | edit source]

Recommended Talents
Vigor Dexterity Recovery
Recommended Gauntlets
Fire Frost Lightning
Fire Gauntlet.png
Frost Gauntlet.png
Lightning Gauntlet.png
Recommended Runes
Springstep Dash Teleport
Springstep Rune.png
Dash Rune.png
Teleport Rune.png

Playing As Stoneshaper

  • Make the most out of Stoneshaper Level1.png Stoneskin by using Shockwave while you're repositioning, even if you won't hit a target.
  • Save a rune charge for when your armor has been broken, this buys you time to safely regenerate it.
  • Using Stoneshaper Level2.png Bedrock efficiently can make your movement & shockwaves noticeably more unpredictable.
  • Shockwave will often force an opponent to levitate into the air or onto high ground, expending lots of mana.
    • Take advantage by aggressively applying pressure with your secondary Gauntlet while they recharge.
    • When combined with fire, Shockwave will leave a deadly Fire Trail, complementing its ground zoning potential.
  • Stoneshaper Level3.png Accretion increases Boulderfall's size substantially, becoming nearly unavoidable if thrown into confined areas.
    • It can also be used defensively to block an opponent's Spells.

Playing Against Stoneshaper

  • Stoneshapers are extremely terrain dependent. Since Shockwave can only be used on the ground, they struggle against airborne targets.
  • Control the flow of battle by staying above them at all times. They'll be forced to resort to their secondary gauntlet.
  • Be mindful of Boulderfall's surprisingly high burst potential once Stoneshaper Level4.png Avalanche is unlocked.
  • Having the least mobility of all the classes, Stoneshapers are reliant on their rune to reposition and chase opponents.
    • Exploit this by going on the offensive while their rune is on cooldown, as their escape options are limited.
  • Most sorceries and Elemental Interactions are ground based, which naturally puts them at risk to taking AoE damage.

Tempest[edit | edit source]

Recommended Talents
Spellslinger Fervor Recovery
Recommended Gauntlets
Frost Fire Toxic
Frost Gauntlet.png
Fire Gauntlet.png
Toxic Gauntlet.png
Recommended Runes
Shadowstep Springstep Dash
Shadowstep Rune.png
Springstep Rune.png
Dash Rune.png

Playing As Tempest

  • Tempest is arguably the most mobile class in Spellbreak once a player masters how to use Tempest Level1.png Wind Surge.
    • Remember that you can wind jump off walls, trees, rocks etc. to utilize the skill to its full potential.
  • Keep in the air for as long as possible in order to capitalize on the effects of Tempest Level3.png Squall and Tempest Level4.png Sudden Gust.
    • To further this goal, save Tempest Level2.png Updraft for when you run out of mana.
  • Unlike other classes, the majority of Tempest's damage comes from your secondary gauntlet. Choose wisely.
    • Wind Shears can deal high consistent damage, but only at higher rarities and at close range.
  • Wind Shears can be used defensively to deflect fireballs, boulders and even Toxic Clouds.
  • The Tornado is immensely disruptive to other classes, due to its wide variety of Elemental Interactions.

Playing Against Tempest

  • Tempests can be slippery, but it requires them to fire Wind Shears at the ground rather than at you.
  • Tempests cannot change direction as fast in the air as they can on the ground.
    • They're therefore vulnerable to being sniped by high speed projectiles such as Ice Lance or Lightning bolt.
  • Use their Tornado against them by mixing it with other elements to their detriment.
  • Wind Shears' damage falls off drastically with distance, meaning their options for DPS is limited at long range.
  • Tempest's mobility is largely only vertical and defensive in nature. They cannot use it to chase after you.
    • Exploit this weakness by initiating or fleeing a fight after a quick trade using your own class mobility.
  • Limit their use of Tempest Level1.png Wind Surge and other skills by taking fights into tight spaces and castles.

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