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Combat In Spellbreak

Spellbreak is a fantasy-themed battle royale game, thus its combat includes aspects of the battle royale genre.

In Spellbreak you play as a Breaker, a mage that is tapping into the power of forbidden magic hidden within Gauntlets of different elements. Spellbreak's combat centers around different classes for each mage, that allows them to master a certain element. The game is mutiplayer with solo, duo, and squad [three players] game modes currently in the game.

In the solo game mode, the player will immediately be exiled upon death, ending the match and dropping all their items and equipment in the process.

In the duo and squad game modes, the player will upon death instead be disrupted into a Wisp for up to 60 seconds. This allows them to be revived by a teammate, recovering 40 health, or exiled by an opponent following a 5 second channel. The channel will be interrupted upon any damage taken if the player is exiling, but not if reviving. The player will be exiled automatically after the duration expires if not revived.

As you traverse the Hollow Lands, a short purple trail will be left behind you, allowing other players to more easily spot your position. You will also find giant rifts in the ground caused by The Fracture, that will immediately exile any player if they are unfortunate enough to fall through.

The Spellstorm[edit | edit source]

As with most other battle royale games, one of the core game mechanics is a shrinking safe zone in the form of a circle that players must stay inside in order to survive. The safe zone can appear anywhere on the Hollow Lands map, Outside the safe zone is a furious Spellstorm that deals 1 damage every 2 seconds directly to a player's health, bypassing armor. The damage doubles in power each time the circle fully closes, and it will continue to shrink until the entire map is covered in the Spellstorm. This makes staying outside an unpleasant prospect. Entering the safe zone grants the player a level up which unlocks a new skill for their chosen class. Additionally, Mana Vaults will spawn inside the circle each time it fully closes as well.

Basic Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Run, jump, levitate, dash, fly and teleport around your opponents in order to decimate them with powerful Spells and Sorceries obtained from Gauntlets. Master the synergies between the various elements, using the unique class system and picking up equipment in chests to get stronger and outlast your opponents. As you level up throughout the match you gain access to more powerful versions of your Spells and Sorceries, which will allow you do more damage or outlast your opponents in the Hollow Lands.

Each game lobby can house a maximum of 42 players currently.

Video Tutorial[edit | edit source]

Controls[edit | edit source]

Action Button
Move Forward W
Move Back S
Move Right A
Move Left D
Jump Space Bar
Levitate Space Bar (Hold)
Crouch C
Emote G
Cast Left Hand Spell Left Mouse Button
Cast Left Hand Sorcery Q
Cast Right Hand Spell Right Click
Cast Right Hand Sorcery E
Use Rune LShift
Pick up/Use F
Ping Place / Remove Middle Mouse Button
Ping Confirm / Danger Middle Mouse Button (Hold)
Open Map M
Move Spawn Point - Player Left Click (On Portal)
Move Spawn Point - Team Right Click (On Portal)
Push to Talk V
Show/Hide Minimal UI Ctrl+Shift+X
Hide/Show UI Ctrl+Shift+Z
Show / Hide Inventory & Skill Menu Tab
Hot Key 1 1
Hot Key 2 2
Hot Key 3 3
Hot Key 4 4
Drop Item - Slot 1 Ctrl+1
Drop Item - Slot 2 Ctrl+2
Drop Item - Slot 3 Ctrl+3
Drop Item - Slot 4 Ctrl+4

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