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Please note that these images are Concept Art, and as such do not reflect the current state of the game.

For an overview of the current state of Spells, Sorceries, Characters, Environment and more, please refer to the other pages.

If you like the art, be sure to check out Spellbreak's Official Imgur Gallery as well as the Closed Beta Cinematic Trailer.

Outfits[edit | edit source]

Hollowed Eve 2020 Outfits
Founder Skin Sketch
Keymaster Skin
Stoneshaper VFX
Stoneshaper Class Skin
Tempest Class Skin
Plague Doctor
Toxicologist Class Skin
Pyromancer Class Skin
Scholar Concept
Warden Ortho

Gauntlets[edit | edit source]

Fire Gauntlet Concept A
Fire Gauntlet Concept B
Fire Gauntlet FX
Fire Gauntlet Final
Frost Gauntlet Final
Stone Gauntlet Final
Wind Gauntlet Final
Lightning Gauntlet Final
Toxic Gauntlet Final
Poison Gauntlet Concept

Spells & Sorceries[edit | edit source]

Fireball Concept
Flamewall Concept
Poison Gauntlet FX
Poison Cloud Concept
Inside Poison Cloud Concept
Dragonfire Interactions
Ice Lance & Poison Cloud Interaction
Poison Spray & Frozen Poison Wall Interaction
Fireball & Frozen Poison Wall Interaction
Fireball & Frozen Poison Patch Interaction
Fireball & Ice Patch / Water Puddle Interaction
Ice Lance
Ice Lance FX
Battlemage Using Ice
Lightning Spell
Lightning Sorcery
Wind Tornado
Stone Shockwave

Promotional Art[edit | edit source]

Early Character Style
Character Lineup 1
Character Lineup 2
Character Lineup 3
Character Lineup 4
Pack Promotion 1
Pack Promotion 2
Pack Promotion 3
Pack Promotion 4
Pack Promotion 5
Closed Alpha Banner
Marcus Firing
PS4 Announcement Banner
Unused Key Contest Art
Unused Twitch Art
Launch Trailer Thumbnail

Screenshots[edit | edit source]

Stone & Fire Combo
Forest Shocknado
Toxic Shock Cloud
Fire v Lightning
Ice v Toxic
Speed Demon Dashing
Marla Dashing Towards Flamewall
Lightning Tornado
An arch in Halcyon
Dustpool Hold
A fortification in the Dustpool region
The windmills of Banehelm
A broken bridge along The Fracture
Ruins in Hymnwood
Hope's End from a high vantage point

Loading Screens[edit | edit source]

Patch .20 Loading Screen
Patch .21 Loading Screen
Patch .22 Loading Screen
Patch .24 Loading Screen
Patch .25 Loading Screen
Patch .26 Loading Screen
Patch .27 Loading Screen
Patch .28 Loading Screen
Patch .30 Loading Screen
Patch .32 Loading Screen
Patch .34 Loading Screen
Patch .35 Loading Screen
Patch .37 Loading Screen
Patch .40 Loading Screen
Release 1.0 Loading Screen

Environment & Architecture[edit | edit source]

Rock Floor Texture 1
Rock Floor Texture 2
Torch Sketches
Statue Sketches
Crest Sketches
Statue 3D
Stone Wall Sketches
Architecture & Scale Sketch
Mountain Sketch 1
Mountain Sketch 2
Mountain Sketch 3
Foliage Sketch
Conifer Foliage Sketch
Castle Sketch 2D
Castle Sketch 3D
3D Models
Castle Concept

Fort Halcyon[edit | edit source]

Fort Halcyon Tower Sketch
Fort Halcyon Tower Concepts 1
Fort Halcyon Tower Concepts 2
Fort Halcyon Tower Concepts 3
Fort Halcyon Tower Concepts 4
Enormous statues in Halcyon Final
Broken Tower Iterations
Fort Halcyon Secondary Tower Concepts
Fort Halcyon Iterations

Villages[edit | edit source]

Building Sketches
Tightened Designs
Color Explorations & Destroyed Assets
Destroyed Village Concept
Destroyed Village Final
A decaying hut in Halcyon Final
Dwelling Interior
Dwelling Interior Prop Explorations
Prop Concept
Grain Silo
Water Wheel
Roof Textures
Wall Materials & Textures
First Pass - Floor Materials & Textures
Final - Materials & Texture
Greybox & Pieces
Greybox Inside

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