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Combat Gameplay In Spellbreak

Spellbreak is a magic-based battle royale game, thus its Gameplay elements include aspects of the battle royale genre.

In Spellbreak you play as a Breaker, a mage that is tapping into the power of forbidden magic hidden within ancient Gauntlets of various elements.

Spellbreak's combat centers around different Classes for each mage, that allows them to master a certain element.

There are many synergies between the elements to discover, allowing you to combine and melt them together in unique ways.

Basic Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Starting from nothing, players drop into the Hollow Lands to loot, increase in power, and defeat enemy players in order to become the ultimate battlemage.

Run, jump, levitate, dash, fly and teleport around your opponents in order to decimate them with powerful Spells & Sorceries obtained from Gauntlets.

Improve your talents as you pick up Spirit Scroll.png Scrolls and increase your stats through powerful equipment scattered throughout the Hollow Lands.

As you part of your basic movement, following a jump you can levitate using your mana, allowing you to climb difficult to reach areas.

You will also find giant rifts in the ground caused by The Fracture, that will immediately exile any player unfortunate enough to fall in. Ending the match for them.

Your goal is to escape from the Spellstorm and be the last one standing, either by either outlasting or exiling your opponents in combat.

The Tutorial[edit | edit source]

The first time a player launches the game they'll go through the tutorial, where Avira Emberdane shows them the ropes of being a Breaker. The tutorial consists of 9 steps:

The Spellstorm[edit | edit source]

As with most other battle royale games, one of the core game mechanics is an ever-shrinking safe zone that is marked by a circle on the map.

Players must aim to stay inside the safe zone at all costs in order to survive.

The safe zone will spawn 20 seconds after match start, and can appear anywhere on the Hollow Lands map.

Outside the safe zone is a furious Spellstorm that deals 1 damage every 2 seconds directly to a player's health, bypassing armor.

The damage doubles in power each time the Storm fully encloses a new safe zone, and it will continue to shrink until the entire map is covered.

The player levels up each time they enter a new safe zone, unlocking the next Skill for their chosen Class.

Additionally, Mana Vault.png Mana Vaults will spawn inside the safe zone each time the Storm fully encloses it.

The Lobby[edit | edit source]

The Lobby, which resides on the Stormeave Plateau, is where every Breaker starts out after before the match begins.

Here you can get familiar with your squad, and get some practice with the different Gauntlets and Runes.

Once a minimum of 6 players are in the lobby, the match countdown will start.

The countdown will vary based on game mode, queue and player count, see the table below:

Game Lobby Timer
Game Mode Duration Player Count
Classic - Solo
90 s
Classic - Solo
60 s
Classic - Squad
180 s
Classic - Squad
90 s
Classic - Squad
60 s
300 s

When the match starts, players will have 20 seconds to choose a portal to drop from into the Hollow Lands.

Players will drop together with their squad by default, and can move their squad's spawn portal by right clicking.

Game Modes[edit | edit source]

Spellbreak currently has 1 active Game Mode: Battle Royale. During Closed Beta 1 a secondary game mode called Clash was tested.

Both game modes take place on the Hollow Lands map, but with notable changes to various gameplay mechanics.

Battle Royale[edit | edit source]

In this game mode, the player can queue as either solo, duo or squad (Disabled).

In solo queue, the player will be exiled upon death, ending the match and dropping all their equipment plus a random Spirit Scroll.png Scroll they have read.

In duo & squad queues, the player disrupts into a wisp upon death and starts fading away over 90 seconds.

This allows them to be Resurrect Icon.png revived by a teammate after a 5 second channel, recovering 40 health.

Should they fail to be revived in time, or if their remainding squad is disrupted as well, they will be exiled.

They can also be Exile Icon.png exiled prematurely by an opponent following a 5 second channel. This channel can be interrupted by taking damage.

Each game lobby can house a maximum of 42 players.

Clash[edit | edit source]


Clash is a team deathmatch-style game mode where two teams of up to 9 players are pitted against each other, in a race to be the first to reach the required score and win the game.

This required score is equal to 3 times the total player count at match start. So for a full lobby of 18 players, the required score will be 54.

Each exile will add one point to the total score of the opposing team.

Upon being exiled, the player will drop all their equipment as usual, but the match will not end for them.

Instead, after 8 seconds they will respawn and drop from a random portal within the current safe zone.

They will spawn with full health and armor, duplicate equipment and 2 Small Armor Shard.png small armor shards in their inventory.

However, one should expect to be exiled often as there is no LargeHP Consumable.png consumbles to be found anywhere on the map.

In addition, equipment of Common rarity is removed from the loot tables of Gauntlet Chest.png Chests.

Finally, the starting safe zone is much smaller in Clash as opposed to Classic, and the Spellstorm closes in faster.

Controls[edit | edit source]

Controller Support[edit | edit source]

The game supports a wide variety of controllers.

Xbox 360 & Xbox One controllers work right out of the box when plugged in.

Playstation Dual Shock 4 controllers require DS4Windows software.

PC Controls[edit | edit source]

Action Button
Move Forward W
Move Back S
Move Right A
Move Left D
Jump Space Bar
Levitate Space Bar (Hold)
Crouch C
Toggle Auto Run =
Emote G
Cast Primary Spell Left Mouse Button
Cast Primary Sorcery Q
Aim Primary Spell Sorcery Q (Hold)
Cast Secondary Spell Right Mouse Button
Cast Secondary Sorcery E
Aim Secondary Sorcery E (Hold)
Use Rune LShift
Pick up / Use F
Swap Item F (Hold)
Ping Place / Deny Middle Mouse Button
Ping Danger / Confirm Middle Mouse Button (Hold)
Open Map M
Move Spawn Portal - Player Left Mouse Button (On Portal)
Move Spawn Portal - Party Right Mouse Button (On Portal)
Push to Talk V
Show/Hide Minimal UI Ctrl+Shift+X
Hide/Show UI Ctrl+Shift+Z
Show / Hide
Inventory & Skill Menu
Active Hot Key Z
Change Active Hot Key Scroll Wheel
Use / Swap Item - Slot 1 1
Use / Swap Item - Slot 2 2
Use / Swap Item - Slot 3 3
Use / Swap Item - Slot 4 4
Drop Item - Slot 1 Ctrl+1
Drop Item - Slot 2 Ctrl+2
Drop Item - Slot 3 Ctrl+3
Drop Item - Slot 4 Ctrl+4
Main Menu (Exit / Back) Escape
Main Menu (Confirm) Enter

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