Garrick, Enlightened Vowkeeper

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Garrick Sagemark and his journals are the primary source of insight into Spellbreak's lore. He was born and raised in Banehelm Academy, and his first journals begin when he is in his late teens, with the the later ones being written as he is middle aged.

Garrick is a Vowkeeper who lived through and chronicled The Fracture. Since the initial destruction, they have abandoned their mission to protect the Highlands and has vowed to contain the scourge that is the Hollow Lands.

Before the Fracture[edit | edit source]

Garrick was performing research in Dawnholm before the Fracture turned the Highlands to the Hollow Lands. He worked with a young woman named Hope investigating ancient texts for hints about the ancient past.

Flight from Dawnholm[edit | edit source]

During the Fracture, Garrick recorded his experience of the immediate aftermath as well as some of the details around the exact effects of the Spellstorm.

When the danger grew too great and people started to return from the wreckage transformed, Garrick fled from Dawnholm with the first groups of refugees to Longwatch.

Containing the Corruption[edit | edit source]

Garrick and the other Vowkeepers now work from Dawnwatch chronicling the changes brought on The Fracture as well as search for a way to "contain the heresy".

Garrick has recently resorted to using Breaker's to bring them more information about the state of the Hollow Lands. The Breakers enter the Hollow Lands to search for magical items and powerful glyphs. Garrick only asks for those scrolls that provide the Breaker's little use but contain a great deal of information for Garrick.

Fate of Hope[edit | edit source]

Garrick heard from a small boy that Hope remained in Dawnholm to help refugees escape. The boy gave Garrick a ring from Hope and informed the Vowkeeper that Hope had taken on the appearance of those that enter the Hollow Lands. Garrick means to investigate this ring further to learn more about the fate of their research partner.