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Giveaway Outfits are rare outfits (also called skins), that are only given out for special occasions such as during community contests. playtests, or events such as PAX.

The Hollow[edit | edit source]

The Hollow outfit is a rare giveaway skin that is primarily obtained through livestreams on Twitch by the developers on thursdays.

It can also be obtained through specific community contests and playtests.

The Hollow Outfit


"Nothing personal, kid."

Pioneer[edit | edit source]

The Pioneer outfit was gifted to all Closed Alpha players for helping with testing during early development.

Commonly referred to as "Pink Marla" by the community.

Pioneer Outfit


"First to the fight!"

Treeline[edit | edit source]

The limited edition Treeline outfit was gifted to 5000 participants in a contest held from June 11th to June 14th, 2020.



"Nature remains unharmed."

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