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Players can select from a variety of cosmetic items to distinguish themselves in the field. While a well trained Breaker may get the most loot, a distinctive Breaker will be spoken of in the histories.

Vanities for the outdated classes have been greyed out.

Outfits[edit | edit source]

Free Outfits
Avatar 1.png Avatar 2.png Avatar 3.png Avatar 4.png Avatar 5.png Avatar 6.png
Avatar 7.png Avatar 8.png Avatar 9.png Avatar 11.png Avatar 12.png Avatar 10.png
Mage Pack Battlemage Pack Master Pack Giveaway Outfits
Avatar 13.png Avatar 14.png Avatar 15.png Avatar 16.png Avatar 17.png

Cards[edit | edit source]

Basic card.png
Basic Card
Pyromancer Card.png
Pyromancer Card
Rune Card.png
Rune Card

Badges[edit | edit source]

Badges are acquired by reaching level 5 with a class.

Stoneshaper Conduit Pyromancer Toxicologist Tempest Frostborn
Stoneshaper Conduit Pyromancer Toxicologist Tempest Frostborn
Bulwark Scavenger Scholar Scout Crack Shot Zealot
Bulwark Scavenger Scholar Scout Crack Shot Zealot

Titles[edit | edit source]

Testing Titles
Title How To Earn
Pre-Alpha Tester Participate in the Pre-Alpha testing phase.
Alpha Tester Participate in the Alpha testing phase.
Class Mastery Titles
Level 8 Level 15 Level 20
Stoneshaper Master Stoneshaper ?
Conduit Master Conduit ?
Pyromancer Master Pyromancer ?
Toxicologist Master Toxicologist ?
Tempest Master Tempest ?
Frostborn Master Frostborn Icespeaker
Bulwark Master Bulwark ?
Scavenger Master Scavenger ?
Scholar Master Scholar ?
Scout Master Scout ?
Crack Shot Master Crack Shot Skystrike
Zealot Master Zealot ?

Emotes[edit | edit source]

One-Hand Wave.png
One-Hand Wave

Triumphs[edit | edit source]

One-Hand Wave.png
One-Hand Wave

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