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Players can select from a variety of cosmetic items in their collection to distinguish themselves in the Hollow Lands.

While a well trained Breaker may get the most loot, a distinctive Breaker will be spoken of in the histories.

Outfits[edit | edit source]

The 'Free Outfits' section is outdated and will very likely change drastically at release.

Free Outfits
Avatar 3.png
Avatar 20.png
Avatar 7.png
Avatar 8.png
Avatar 11.png
Avatar 10.png
Avatar 12.png
     Silver Rook     
Mystic Pack Mage Pack Battlemage Pack Master Pack Limited Edition
Giveaway Outfits
Mystic Avatar.png
Avatar 13.png
Avatar 14.png
Bug Hunter
Avatar 15.png
Avatar 16.png
Blind Faith
Avatar 19.png
Avatar 18.png
Avatar 17.png
.....The Hollow.....

Badges[edit | edit source]

Class-specific Badges are unlocked by reaching a certain Class Mastery Rank. They are displayed in the profile Card.

Class Mastery Badges
Rank 2 | Common
Frostborn Conduit Pyromancer Toxicologist Stoneshaper Tempest
Rank 7 | Common
Frostborn Conduit Pyromancer Toxicologist Stoneshaper Tempest
....Frostborn... .....Conduit..... ..Pyromancer. ..Toxicologist. .Stoneshaper. ....Tempest....

Cards[edit | edit source]

Class-specific Cards are unlocked by reaching a certain Class Mastery Rank. They are displayed as the background of your profile.

Default Card
Basic card.png
Class Mastery Cards
Rank 3 | Common Rank 9 | Common
Frostborn Card Tier 1.png Frostborn Card Tier 2.png
Frostborn Master Frostborn
Conduit Card Tier 1.png Conduit Card Tier 2.png
Conduit Master Conduit
Pyromancer Card Tier 1.png Pyromancer Card Tier 2.png
Pyromancer Master Pyromancer
Toxicologist Card Tier 1.png Toxicologist Card Tier 2.png
Toxicologist Master Toxicologist
Stoneshaper Card Tier 1.png Stoneshaper Card Tier 2.png
Stoneshaper Master Stoneshaper
Tempest Card Tier 1.png Tempest Card Tier 2.png
Tempest Master Tempest

Titles[edit | edit source]

Titles are unlocked either by having participated in testing phases, or by reaching a certain Class Mastery Rank. They are displayed in the profile Card.

Testing Titles
Title How To Earn
Pre-Alpha Tester Participate in the Pre-Alpha testing phase.
Alpha Tester Participate in the Alpha testing phase.
Class Mastery Titles
Rank 4 | Uncommon Rank 10 | Epic
Frostborn Master Frostborn
Conduit Master Conduit
Pyromancer Master Pyromancer
Toxicologist Master Toxicologist
Stoneshaper Master Stoneshaper
Tempest Master Tempest

Artifacts[edit | edit source]

Artifacts float behind the back of a player.

Class-specific Artifacts are unlocked by reaching a certain Class Mastery Rank.

Class Mastery Artifacts
Rank 5 | Common
Frostborn Artifact.png Conduit Artifact.png Pyromancer Artifact.png Toxicologist Artifact.png Stoneshaper Artifact.png Tempest Artifact.png
     Frostborn              Conduit           Pyromancer       Toxicologist       Stoneshaper         Tempest      

Cloudbursts[edit | edit source]

The Cloudburst cosmetic changes the initial trail a player leaves behind as they drop into the Hollow Lands.

Class-specific Cloudbursts are unlocked by reaching a certain Class Mastery Rank.

Default Cloudburst
Cerulean Spiral.png
Cerulean Spiral
Class Mastery Cloudbursts
Rank 6 | Common
Frostborn Cloudburst.png
Conduit Cloudburst.png Pyromancer Cloudburst.png Toxicologist Cloudburst.png Stoneshaper Cloudburst.png Tempest Cloudburst.png
      Frostborn              Conduit            Pyromancer        Toxicologist        Stoneshaper          Tempest       

Afterglows[edit | edit source]

Afterglows change the trail that emits from a player's feet when they're levitating.

Class-specific Afterglows are unlocked by reaching a certain Class Mastery Rank.

Default Afterglow
Light's Purity.png
Light's Purity
Class Mastery Afterglows
Rank 8 | Common
Frostborn Afterglow.png
Conduit Afterglow.png Pyromancer Afterglow.png Toxicologist Afterglow.png Stoneshaper Afterglow.png
Tempest Afterglow.png
      Frostborn              Conduit            Pyromancer        Toxicologist        Stoneshaper          Tempest       

Triumphs[edit | edit source]

Triumph animations play on an opponent's screen when they get exiled, as well as after winning a match.

Class-specific Triumphs are unlocked by a certain Class Mastery Rank. Mouseover the icons to view them.

Tap the icons to view them.
Default Triumph
One-Hand Wave.png
One-Hand Wave
Class Mastery Triumphs
Rank 18 | Common
Frostborn Triumph.png Conduit Triumph.png Pyromancer Triumph.png Toxicologist Triumph.png Stoneshaper Triumph.png Tempest Triumph.png
     Frostborn            Conduit           Pyromancer       Toxicologist       Stoneshaper          Tempest      

Emotes[edit | edit source]

Emotes can be accessed through the emote wheel using the default key G.

One-Hand Wave.png Flex.png
One-Hand Wave            Flex           

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