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Release .32

A patch, otherwise known as a new client version, is a modification to the game files of Spellbreak. Each patch will come with Patch Notes, which are Proletariat Inc.'s official documentation for the changes made.

Every patch will contain one or more of the following:

  • New content: New areas of the map, items, skins.
  • Balance changes: Changes made to even out the power balance between the different items and abilities.
  • Bug fixes: Changes made to correct an unintended behaviour in the game.
  • Client/Backend/Development changes: Technology or configuration changes that go on behind the scenes, such as optimizations for performance.

Below is a table containing a list of all the Patch Notes released during Spellbreak's development:

Pre-Alpha Date
Patch .14 Nov. 13th 2018
Patch .14.1 (Hotfix) Nov. 20th 2018
Patch .15 Dec. 4th 2018
Patch .15.1 (Hotfix) Dec. 13th 2018
Patch .16 Jan. 9th 2019
Patch .17 Jan. 23rd 2019
Patch .18 Feb. 6th 2019
Closed Alpha Date
Patch .19 Feb. 26th 2019
Patch .20 Mar. 13th 2019
Patch .21 April 3rd 2019
Patch .22 April 17th 2019
Patch .23 May 1st 2019
Patch .24 May 15th 2019
Patch .25 May 29th 2019
Patch .26 June 12th 2019
Patch .27 June 26th 2019
Patch .28 July 17th 2019
Patch .30 (Class Rework) Aug. 20th 2019
Patch .30.3 (Hotfix) Aug. 28th 2019
Patch .32 (Current) Sep. 11th 2019

Note: The game recieved updates prior to Patch .14, but no patch notes were released before then.

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