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Closed Beta 2 Trailer

Patch Notes are Proletariat Inc.'s official documentation for the changes made to Spellbreak.

A patch, otherwise known as a new client version, is a modification to the game files.

The updates will contain one or more of the following:

  • New content: New areas added to the map, equipment, talents, cosmetics etc.
  • Balance changes: Changes made to even out the power balance between the different Gauntlets, Classes & Talent abilities.
  • Bug fixes: Changes made to correct a glitch or unintended behaviour in the game.
  • Client/Backend/Development changes: Improved technology or configuration changes behind the scenes, such as performance optimizations.

For information on future updates to Spellbreak, check out the Closed Beta 2 Roadmap.

The most important patches in Spellbreak's development have dedicated pages to them in the Archive.

The following tables list all patch notes released during development, with bold indicating the current patch:

Patch Date Summary
Patch .11 Oct. 23rd 2018 Elemental Interactions Update
Patch .11.229 Oct. 24th 2018 Hotfix
Patch .12 Nov. 1st 2018 Hotfix
Patch .13 Nov. 7th 2018 Duo Mode Update
Patch .14 Nov. 13th 2018 Toxicologist Rewamp Update
Patch .14.1 Nov. 20th 2018 Hotfix
Patch .15 Dec. 4th 2018 Friendly Fire & Consumable Update
Patch .15.1 Dec. 13th 2018 Hotfix
Patch .16 Jan. 9th 2019 Gauntlet VFX & Balance Update
Patch .17 Jan. 23rd 2019 Class Mastery & Balance Update
Patch .18 Feb. 6th 2019 HUD & Map Texture Update
Closed Alpha
Patch Date Summary
Patch .19 Feb. 26th 2019 New Scout Class Update
Patch .20 Mar. 13th 2019 Class Balance Update
Patch .21 April 3rd 2019 UI & Map Polish Update
Patch .22 April 17th 2019 The Fracture Map Update
Patch .23 May 1st 2019 Basic Progression Update
Patch .24 May 15th 2019 Rune Update
Patch .25 May 29th 2019 Equipment Overhaul Update
Patch .26 June 12th 2019 Village Map Update
Patch .27 June 26th 2019 Inventory Management Update
Patch .28 July 17th 2019 Fever Ridge Map Update
Patch .30 Aug. 20th 2019 Gauntlet & Class Rewamp Update
Patch .30.3 Aug. 28th 2019 Hotfix
Patch .32 Sep. 11th 2019 Optimization Update
Closed Beta 1
Patch Date Summary
Patch .34 Oct. 9th 2019 Halcyon Map Update
Patch .34.2 Oct. 11th 2019 Hotfix
Patch .34.3 Oct. 17th 2019 Hotfix
Patch .35 Nov. 11th 2019 Closed Beta 1.1 - 3D Audio Update
Patch .36 Dec. 11th 2019 Closed Beta 1.2 - Clash Update
Closed Beta 2
Patch Date Summary
Patch .37 March 3rd 2020 Closed Beta 2.0 - Talent Update
Patch .37.6 March 9th 2020 Hotfix

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The game entered Pre-Alpha testing on June 1st 2018, and received updates prior to Patch .11, but these patch notes were unlabeled.
  • The earliest pre-alpha patch notes can be found in the release notes channel on the official Discord Server.
  • The last batch of Closed Alpha keys were sent out on September 19th 2019.
  • The game entered Closed Beta 1 testing on October 9th 2019 for pre-existing alpha testers, and October 15th 2019 for new testers.
  • The game entered Closed Beta 2 testing on March 3rd 2020 for both PC and PS4.

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