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Avira Emberdane

The primary source for Spellbreak's Lore comes from Garrick's Journal and the on-going Chapters.

Spellbreak is set in a ravaged fantasy world filled with elemental magic.

You assume the role of a Breaker, a magically gifted outcast who has come to the Hollow Lands to take as much power and loot as you can and get out.

History[edit | edit source]

Spellbreak is set in a region once known as the Highlands on the continent of Velnor, but now is known only as the Hollow Lands.

The various fights for power and treasure take place after an apocalyptic event called The Fracture, which took place one year ago.

The Fracture and the Spellstorm that came along with it changed the face of the Highlands forever, making it not just uninhabitable but lethal to its former denizens. Including all animal life, excluding plant life.

During the event, a region known as the Stormeave Plateau broke off from Velnor. Only the fortress-city of Longwatch residing on it remained unscathed, where the majority of human refugees have taken shelter.

Within Longwatch is a Breaker-controlled faction led by Avira Emberdane. The player is first introduced to her in the tutorial, where they learn to travel to the Hollow Lands via portals, also known as Storm Hatches.

Garrick has written some of the important history related to the Highlands and what caused The Fracture in Garrick's Journal.

200 years[1] before this event however, the wardens of each kingdom formed an alliance between them called the Five Hand Alliance.

The Five Hand Alliance[edit | edit source]

The five kingdoms of the Highlands* and their respective Hands at the time of the alliance's founding:

  • Bogmore CollectiveShadehand, Hand of Secrets

The founder and architect of this alliance was Alad Fieldbrand, the first Hand of the People. He was a warden of Fort Halcyon, where the seat of government was formed.

The alliance was designed to prevent any one individual from ruling the Highlands as a tyrant. To achieve this, each Hand was given the responsibility of voting in matters that pertain to the entire region.

In book 4, pg. 80 of Garrick's Journal, it is mentioned that the alliance was formed out of necessity to fight against a rising external threat that would eventually lead to the "Lost War".

Each Hand had their own individual responsibilities surrounding different aspects of the alliance, as can be derived from their titles.

The use of magic was widespread prior to the Vow Mandate, and curiously the alliance never formally recognized the VowKeepers.

Not much is known about the times before the forging of the alliance aside from folktales of endless bloody feuds between the kingdoms.

*(Description for each kingdom needed)

Culture[edit | edit source]

Humans[edit | edit source]

The human race in Spellbreak is broadly divided into three factions:

  • VowKeepers: Also known as Keepers, the Vowkeepers are a highly religious order that sticks to very specific set of rules established in the Vow Mandate.
    • They have taken a vow to never use magic in order to prevent the corruption of the soul that they believe accompanies it.
  • VowBreakers: Also known as Breakers, they have chosen to break the sacred vow of not practicing magic. Quintessential to this act of defiance is the use of Vital Stones.
    • Unlike the Keepers, Breakers are only loosely organized in a series of sub-factions due to the use of magic being outlawed. They often work at odds with one another.
  • VowGuard: Also known as the Guard, were created by Venthim the Awoken & Ora Fernfall in order to enforce the Vow Mandate.
    • They act as the strong-arm of the Keepers, although they are a separate entity lead by The Hand of Defense, with their own internal hierarchy.
      They serve as both a policing force, monitoring and preventing the use of magic, and as a military force, defending the Highlands from both internal and external threats.
      The Guard itself is specially permitted to use certain kinds of magic, such as Gauntlet magic, in order to bring Breakers to justice.

Prisma[edit | edit source]

The Prisma are a separate race[2] from the humans, and while they were once good allies of the denizens of the Highlands, the border between their nations was closed by the Five Hand Alliance.

Garrick mentions how a ledger he found describes their former trade partnership, exchanging brilstones & opalesce ore for magical Runes. Their capital city goes by the name Vidallah.

Currency & Trade[edit | edit source]

Before the Fracture, Dustpool Hold was the home of mining operations, and as a result became the center of trade and commerce in the Highlands.

Wealth in the Highlands was measured both in regular gold coins as well as the trade of valuable items such as magic-infused runestones, brilstones, and Vital Stones.

The value of brilstones varies with the quality and the cuts of the gems. The mines of Dustpool were the primary source of brilstones, which are said to be the source of a Gauntlet's power.

Additionally, book 4, pg. 85 of Garrick's Journal alludes to how the Gauntlets may have been crafted by an unknown race of great armorers.

Magic[edit | edit source]

Elemental Magic[edit | edit source]

Elemental magic draws from the power of the world itself to manipulate the elements.

Specially crafted Gauntlets inlaid with brilstones allow a user to attune to a specific element and wield it against their foes.

Breakers wield the elemental magic of Gauntlets when they scour the Hollow Lands for riches and artifacts in order to protect themselves from other Breakers.

Runic Magic[edit | edit source]

Runic magic involves activating the power of specially crafted runestones or runechips.

Amongst humans very little is known about runic magic, save perhaps by Garrick, a handful of VowKeepers, and likely the Shadehand.

The Prisma presumably know a great deal about runic magic, considering their most significant export when trade was still open to the Highlands was runestones.

Runic magic seems to take a couple of major forms:

  • Scrolls that contain glyphs that alter a user's abilities
  • Runestones that channel runic magic
  • Runechips that serve simple tasks

Garrick has found several examples of runic magic in the vaults of the VowKeepers as well as in the remains of the Hollow Lands.

Some Breakers use runic magic to augment their abilities while in the Hollow Lands and gain an edge over their opponents.

It is even said that some Breakers use runic magic to alter their appearance or taunt their foes.

Vital Stone Magic[edit | edit source]

During the tutorial, Avira informs us that Vital Stones are what keeps Breakers from being killed.

Vital Stones are incredibly powerful magical conduits that Breakers can attune to.

Once a Breaker has attuned to a Vital Stone, if they are ever injured severely enough to be killed, their body disintegrates and reconstitutes at the hidden location of their Vital Stone.

If a Breaker's Vital Stone is destroyed, they are as well. For this reason, the location of a Breaker's Vital Stone is their most closely guarded secret.

Vital Stones can also be used to extend a Breaker's lifespan far beyond what is normally achievable.

Geography & Architecture[edit | edit source]

The world of Spellbreak takes place on a planet called Primdal, with one known moon named Sipra. The Highlands, now known as the Hollow Lands, exist on the continent of Velnor.

During The Fracture a region called Stormeave Plateau broke off from the continent. In book 4, pg. 191 of Garrick's Journal, he describes how a specific topological quirk known as The Awning has protected it from the Spellstorm.

The overall geography of the Hollow Lands is still similar to when it was the Highlands, but the destruction caused by the Fracture has left enough changed that old maps are by and large inaccurate.

New, relatively crude maps have been created by Breakers for their own use in navigating the Hollow Lands, but Ferec Snowlash and the Vowkeepers have acquired highly detailed maps through unknown methods.

We've learned through Quincy Poisewax's journal that Fort Halcyon was built and fortified by Stoneshapers.

The architectural style of the Highlands is a hybrid between Nordic and Japanese villages and castles. See Concept Art.

Quincy's Journal[edit | edit source]

6 days before launch, the official Spellbreak Twitter Account started posting mysterious pages from "The Journal of Quincy Poisewax".

It has yet to be revealed who she is, or what her larger role is in the lore of Spellbreak.

Notable Characters[edit | edit source]

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