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Fireball Spell

One of the core aspects of combat in Spellbreak is the ability to cast Spells and Sorceries. By default without any Gauntlet equipped, players only have access to magic-missile like spell that does 10 damage. More advanced Spells and Sorceries can be acquired by picking up a Gauntlet to use for both the left and the right hand respectively. A player cannot equip 2 Gauntlets of the same element. Luckily, players also start the match with a Common Gauntlet in their left hand corresponding to the element of their chosen Class.

Players can instantly swap out the Gauntlet in their left hand by hitting the numbers 1, 2, 3, or 4 with a Gauntlet equipped in the corresponding inventory slot. Gauntlets can be found throughout the Hollow Lands, but higher rarity gauntlets are only found in chests.

Each Gauntlet has a Spell that uses mana, and a more powerful Sorcery that is free, but has a longer cooldown timer. If a player expends all their mana, they are locked out from casting spells for 1 second until they fully recharge their mana. However, the player can still cast Sorceries, activate Runes and consume Potions / Armor Shards. If airborne, your character will hover in place whilst aiming and casting the sorcery. Hovering pauses mana regeneration and sorcery cooldowns, whilst Runes will continue to cooldown but cannot refresh until grounded.

A Spell's effectiveness is influenced by the rarity of the gauntlet, whilst the Sorcery's effectiveness remains the same regardless of the rarity. Both Spells and Sorceries are able to be enhanced further through Equipment and Class Skills.

Gauntlets[edit | edit source]

Frost Icon.png Frost Gauntlet Frost Gauntlet.png
Spell Ice Lance
Description Charge and unleash a deadly shard of ice. Charging Ice Lance increases the projectile velocity and damage. (Full at 1.5s)
Charge-up can be heard by those nearby the area being aimed at.
Rarities Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Icon Common Frost Gauntlet.png Uncommon Frost Gauntlet.png Rare Frost Gauntlet.png Epic Frost Gauntlet.png Legendary Frost Gauntlet.png
Mana Cost 40 36 34 32 30
Base Damage 11-45 14-58 15-63 17-67 18-72
Sorcery Flash Freeze
Description Create a lingering frost zone around you, that increasingly slows players inside of it by up to 50% over 2 seconds before becoming Frozen. The slow remains for 2 seconds after exiting the zone early.
The edge of the zone blocks Fire / Wind / Lightning projectiles.
Cooldown 20 Seconds
Freeze Duration 2 Seconds
Duration 6 Seconds
Lightning Icon.png Lightning Gauntlet Lightning Gauntlet.png
Spell Lightning Bolt
Description Fire 3 lightning bolts at your opponents at a fixed fire rate. Projectile spread increases over cast time, excluding the first bolt. Damage falls off between 3 m - 40 m.
Rarities Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Icon Common Lightning Gauntlet.png Uncommon Lightning Gauntlet.png Rare Lightning Gauntlet.png Epic Lightning Gauntlet.png Legendary Lightning Gauntlet.png
Mana Cost Per Bolt 9 9 9 8 8
Base Shot Damage 8-9 8-11 8-12 8-12 8-13
Triple Shot Damage 24-27 24-33 24-36 24-36 24-39
Sorcery Lightning Strike
Description After a delay of 0.9 seconds, summon a lightning strike in the targeted area, dealing damage and shocking those hit for 2 seconds. Can damage & shock caster.
Cooldown 15 Seconds
Damage 20
Toxic Icon.png Toxic Gauntlet Toxic Gauntlet.png
Spell Toxic Spray
Description Spray 10 toxic streams in front of you. Deals damage based on the number of projectiles hit [1/4/7/9]. Any toxic damage done applies Corrosion, which deals damage to a target's armor over 3 seconds.
Rarities Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Icon Common Toxic Gauntlet.png Uncommon Toxic Gauntlet.png Rare Toxic Gauntlet.png Epic Toxic Gauntlet.png Legendary Toxic Gauntlet.png
Mana Cost 20 18 17 16 15
Total damage on hit 7/16/25/30 9/19/30/36 11/23/35/41 11/23/36/43 13/26/39/46
Sorcery Toxic Cloud
Description Toss a toxic glob that expands into a toxic cloud on impact. Deals toxic damage and applies Corrosion to people who touch it. Can damage caster.
Cooldown 10 Seconds
Damage Per Second 12 (6 per tick)
Corrosion Damage Per Second 4 (4 per tick)
Duration 5 Seconds
Stone Icon.png Stone Gauntlet Stone Gauntlet.png
Spell Shockwave
Description Cause an eruption of fast-moving earth along the ground. Being grounded is a requirement to cast. Can roll over hills.
Rarities Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Icon Common Stone Gauntlet.png Uncommon Stone Gauntlet.png Rare Stone Gauntlet.png Epic Stone Gauntlet.png Legendary Stone Gauntlet.png
Mana Cost 25 23 21 20 19
Damage 30 39 42 44 45
Sorcery Boulderfall
Description Throw a massive boulder towards your opponents. Increases in damage over time and explodes on impact, dealing damage based on proximity to center of explosion. Can damage caster.
Cooldown 10 Seconds
On-Hit Damage 20-50
Explosion damage 20-49
Fire Icon.png Fire Gauntlet Fire Gauntlet.png
Spell Fireball
Description Send a scorching ball of fire flying towards your opponents. Explodes on contact and deals damage based on proximity to center of explosion. Creates a lingering Flame Puddle on contact with the ground for 10 seconds. Can damage caster.
Rarities Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Icon Common Fire Gauntlet.png Uncommon Fire Gauntlet.png Rare Fire Gauntlet.png Epic Fire Gauntlet.png Legendary Fire Gauntlet.png
Mana Cost 25 23 21 20 19
On-Hit Damage 25 30 34 36 38
Explosion Damage 10-24 10-29 10-33 10-35 10-37
Sorcery Flamewall
Description Conjure a wall of fire perpendicular to caster. Damages and ignites anyone inside it for 3 seconds. Blocks Ice / Wind / Toxic projectiles. Can damage caster.
Cooldown 15 Seconds
Flamewall & Flame Puddle
Damage Per Second
12 (6 per tick)
Ignited Damage Per Second 5 (5 per tick)
Duration 15 Seconds
Wind Icon.png Wind Gauntlet Wind Gauntlet.png
Spell Wind Shear
Description Rapidly summon gusts of wind to damage your opponents and deflect their spells. Damage falls off between 5 m - 15 m.
Rarities Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Icon Common Wind Gauntlet.png Uncommon Wind Gauntlet.png Rare Wind Gauntlet.png Epic Wind Gauntlet.png Legendary Wind Gauntlet.png
Mana Cost 9 9 9 8 8
Damage 6 6-7 6-8 6-9 6-10
Sorcery Tornado
Description Conjure a tornado to pull your opponents in towards the center of the vortex. Pulls airborne players harder. (13 m)
Cooldown 15 Seconds
Duration 4 Seconds

Spells & Sorceries Interactions[edit | edit source]

The following table lists all elemental interactions between Spells & Sorceries.

All elemental interactions listed are universal, meaning anyone can create, interact and be affected by the elements and their effects, regardless of who they originated from.

Sorceries Spells Ice [Flash Freeze] Lightning [Lightning Strike] Toxic [Toxic Cloud] Stone [Boulderfall] Fire [Flamewall] Wind [Tornado]

[Ice Lance]

Flash Freeze refreezes water puddles into ice puddles.
Freezing a player by any means, makes them immune to being frozen again for 5 seconds.
Lightning Strike electrifies ice puddles, blocks of ice, water and steam puddles, shocking nearby players. If Toxic Cloud get his by Ice Lance or lands in the Flash Freeze Zone it turns into a big block of ice. If players are caught inside, it rids of the cloud and creates an Ice Mist instead. Boulderfall can block Ice Lance shots, causing it to become frozen and create an Ice Mist on impact. Traveling through a Flash Freeze zone will also cause it to become frozen.

Boulderfall smashes ice blocks, creating Ice Mists.

Flame puddles and each part of the Flamewall can block an Ice Lance shot once, before being extinguished.

Similarly, Ice Lance also extinguishes Fireballs.

The Tornado's gravity affects the trajectory of Ice Lance shots heavily.

It also removes Ice & Water Puddles as well as Ice Mists in its radius.


[Lightning Bolt]

Lightning Bolts electrify ice / water puddles on contact with the puddle or a player standing on one. If steam puddles or blocks of ice are electrified, it creates a small electrified area of effect around it, shocking nearby players.

Ice Lance can block Lightning Bolts.

shocking a player by any means, makes them immune to being shocked again for 5 seconds. Lightning Bolt is blocked by and electrifies Toxic Clouds, shocking nearby players and extending its duration. On contact with a toxic puddle or a player standing on one, it will also electrify.

Firing the Toxic Cloud or Toxic Spray projectiles through an electrified area, will electrify another area around them upon landing.

Boulderfall can block Lightning Bolts. Lightning Bolt passes through the Flamewall. The Tornado's gravity doesn't affect the trajectory of Lightning Bolts.

But If hit directly, it absorbs them, electrifying the Tornado and resulting in it becoming charged, shocking anyone who touches the vortex.


[Toxic Spray]

Toxic Spray turns ice and water puddles into toxic puddles on contact with the puddle or a player standing on one, and turns steam puddles into small Toxic Clouds.

Flash Freeze turns toxic puddles into unharmful Toxic Ice Puddles which can be ignited into Dragonfire.

Lightning Strike electrifies toxic puddles, and Toxic Clouds, shocking nearby players.

Toxic Spray can block Lightning Bolts.

Toxic Spray can fire through a Toxic Cloud. Boulderfall can block both Toxic Spray and interact with the Toxic Cloud projectile. Flame puddles and the Flamewall can block an unlimited amount of Toxic Spray shots, turning into Dragonfire. The Tornado's gravity affect the trajectory of Toxic Spray very heavily. It also dissipates Toxic Cloud projectiles, as well as any Toxic Mists, clouds or puddles on the ground.

Toxifying the Tornado creates a toxic whirlwind, maintaining its power to pull, and dealing toxic damage in an area of effect near the ground.

If ignited, the Tornado explodes vertically.



Shockwave smashes ice puddles and blocks, creating Ice Mists in their place. Also removes water puddles, but not steam puddles. With perfect timing, Lightning Strike can stop Shockwave in its tracks. Shockwave removes toxic puddles from the ground, but not Toxic Clouds. Both Shockwaves & Boulders can collide with oneanother. Shockwave passes through Flame puddles and the Flamewall, leaving a fire trail along its trajectory. The Tornado's gravity affects the trajectory of Boulderfall very heavily, but not the Shockwave.


Fireballs melt ice puddles into water puddles if in close proximity. On direct contact with the puddle or a player standing on one, it turns them into steam puddles instead. Breaks ice blocks.

Flash Freeze extinguishes all ground fires, and turns steam puddles into small ice blocks. Players caught inside the steam result in Ice Mist being created instead.

Using Lightning Strike near a Flamewall will redirect the lightning to it, instead of the player. Toxic Cloud ignites into a large area of Dragonfire for 0.5 seconds on contact with fire.

Firing the projectile through fire will cause it to explode into Dragonfire upon landing.

Fireball will turn toxic puddles into Dragonfire as well on contact with the puddle or a player standing on one, which will spread to other connected toxic puddles.

Boulderfall can block Fireballs, setting it ablaze, causing it to leave a large flame puddle for 5 seconds if it hits the ground directly. Fireball passes through the Flame puddles and Flamewall. The Tornado's gravity affects the trajectory of fireballs heavily.

If hit directly, it absorbs the fireball and becomes ignited, which removes its power to pull but makes it deal damage in a wide area of effect.

If toxified, the Tornado explodes vertically.


[Wind Shear]

Wind Shear removes water puddles & steam puddles, and shatters ice puddles, creating Ice Mists in their place. Doesn't affect ice blocks. Lightning Strike will hit a player no matter how high up in the air they are from Wind Shear.

Wind Shear will carry electricity if shot through an electrified area, shocking players they hit.

Wind Shear will dissipate Toxic Clouds completely after three hits, and can affect its projectile's trajectory.

On contact with a toxic puddle, a player standing on one, or if fired through a Toxic Cloud, it creates a Toxic Mist upon impact that deals toxic damage.

Boulderfall can block Wind Shear, causing it to either lose or gain momentum, allowing it to be pushed further than usual. Wind Shear passes through and extinguishes an unlimited amount of Flame puddles and parts of the Flamewall.

Similarly, it also extinguishes Fireballs.

The Tornado's gravity affects the trajectory of Wind Shears slightly.

Wind Shears can collide with oneanother.


  • Steam Puddle: Clouds vision.
  • Ice Puddle: Grants a large movement speed bonus.
  • Ice Mist: Slows movement & casting speed for up to 50% slow over 2 seconds, then become frozen.
  • Toxic Puddle: Slows movement speed for 50% - 15 second duration.
  • Dragonfire: 40 DPS (20 per tick)
  • Any Toxic Damage: 12 DPS (6 per tick) + Corrosion.
  • Corrosion: 4 DPS (4 per tick) to armor only - 3 second duration.
  • Ignited: 5 DPS (5 per tick) - 3 second duration.
  • Fire Tornado: 15 DPS (7.5 per tick).
  • Flame Puddle: 12 DPS (6 per tick) - 10 second duration.
  • Fireball & Boulderfall explosions deal 50% and 25% damage to the caster and their teammates respectively.

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