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Talent Selection Screen

In Spellbreak players can unlock unique Talents to use in combat. They serve to enhance build customization and different playstyles.

The talents are divided into three categories: Mind, Body and Spirit.

Players have a total of 6 Talent Points they can spend on 1 talent per category.

Picking none of the Talents in a category is also an option.

Talents are active from the beginning of a match and may be upgraded up to 3 times, indicated by the small circles around their icon.

They are upgraded by reading Scrolls of the same category.

(E.g. reading a Body Scroll.png Body Scroll will upgrade the player's chosen talent from the Body category.)

Scrolls are primarily found in Gauntlet Chest New.png Chests, but enemy Breakers will also drop one they have read at random when exiled.

Six talents are unlocked by default, the rest are unlocked by reaching Mastery Rank 3 or 6 with a specific Class.

Once unlocked they may be used with any Class.

  Icon   Name Point Cost           Unlocked By                         Description             
Mind Scroll.png
Focused Mana.png
Focused Mana 1
Default Talent
With at least 80% Mana: Spell Damage +15/18/20/30%
Spellslinger 1 TempestRework.png Tempest Rank 6 Store extra Gauntlets and Runes in your Inventory.
Sorcery Cooldown: -5/8/10/15%
Runic Fluency.png
Runic Fluency 2 ConduitRework.png Conduit Rank 3 Max Rune Charge: +1
Rune Cooldown: -5/7/10/15%
Tracking 2 FrostbornRework.png Frostborn Rank 3 On Spell Hit: Outlines target for you and your squad for 3/3.5/4/6s.
Reveals target through walls, terrain and Invisibility.
Harmony 3 ToxicologistRework.png Toxicologist Rank 6 Immune: Slow, Freeze, Shock
Incoming Damage Reduction: 5/7/10/15%
Vigor 3
Default Talent
Max Health: +25/30/35/50
Body Scroll.png
Dexterity 1 TempestRework.png Tempest Rank 3 Jump Height: +25%
Levitation Mana Cost: -15/18/20/30%
Finders Keepers.png
Finders Keepers 1 StoneshaperRework.png Stoneshaper Rank 3 Chance to find Potions from Chests: +25%
Chance to find Scrolls from Chests: +50/75/100/150%
Fortitude 2 PyromancerRework.png Pyromancer Rank 6 Create a barrier that absorbs one source of damage before reforming.
Cooldown: 60/50/45/30s
Scavenging 2 ConduitRework.png Conduit Rank 6 On Exile Opponent: Restore 25/30/35/50 Health and Armor.
Fervor 3
Default Talent
Spell Cast Speed: +15/18/20/25%
Foresight 3
Default Talent
See Future Storms and Mana Vaults
See Enemies on the Minimap every 10/9/8/5s (100 m)
Spirit Scroll.png
Escapist 1
Default Talent
Run Speed +3
On Damage Taken: Run Speed +1/2/3/5 (5s)
Recklessness 1 FrostbornRework.png Frostborn Rank 6 On No Armor: Spell Damage +15/18/20/25%
On No Armor: Mana Cost -15/18/20/25%
Recovery 2 StoneshaperRework.png Stoneshaper Rank 6 On Health Damage: Regenerate 35% of damage taken over 12/10/8/6s
Thirsty 2 ToxicologistRework.png Toxicologist Rank 3 Potion and Shard Consume Speed: +35/50/65/90%
Consumables replenish health and armor of
nearby teammates for 50% as well. (30 m)
Ambidextrous 3
Default Talent
Gain Level 1 Skill of Offhand Gauntlet's Class
Offhand Spell Mana Cost: -5/10/15/25%
Vital Stone.png
Vital Stone 3 PyromancerRework.png Pyromancer Rank 3 On Disruption (once): Resurrect with 10/25/35/50 Health.
Immune for 4s after Resurrection.
Reading a Spirit Scroll refreshes the Talent.

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